French Activists Call for an End to the Blockade of Venezuela

Activists and citizens from France and other parts of the world signed on Tuesday in this capital a letter addressed to the UN Secretary-General, Antonio Guterres, to denounce the blockade imposed on Venezuela by the United States.

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The Venezuelan Embassy hosted the first of seven days dedicated to gathering support for the statement, which was backed this Tuesday by French, Venezuelan, Brazilian, Cuban, Salvadoran, and Italian activists, as well as those from other nations.

'We are here to accompany the self-determination of the Venezuelan government and people in the face of U.S. interference,' Andrea, a member of the Italian political and social organization Poder al Pueblo (Power to the People), told Prensa Latina.

According to the young man, the blockade decreed on August 5 by President Donald Trump against Caracas, a measure that constitutes a violation of international law, deserves total condemnation.

We must repudiate these sanctions that will have a devastating impact on innocent people, stated Andrea, who assured that her organization enjoys support in Paris and is very active in defense of the Bolivarian Revolution and in rejecting the attempt to impose regime change.

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For his part, the Venezuelan Ambassador to France, Michel Mujica, expressed his gratitude for the solidarity with his country, and in particular for the support for the letter denouncing the blockade, which calls on Guterres to act to stop it.

Solidarity is a principle that must prevail in defense of the sovereignty of nations and peoples, Mujica told Prensa Latina shortly after being the first to sign the letter addressed to the secretary-general.

The Venezuelan Embassy will remain open throughout this and next week to allow supporters to sign the text.

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