In Pictures: Fernandez Supporters Celebrate Party’s Primary Win

Macri’s party’s defeat comes at a time when Argentina’s streets are overrun by protests denouncing high rates in unemployment, layoffs, poverty and hunger which have grown under Macri.

According to the government's official results, candidates for the Front of All coalition obtained 47.22 percent of the votes, while Macri followed loosely behind with 32.36 percent and center-right Roberto Lavagna with 8.39 percent.
The Fernandezs’ supporters celebrated a comfortable victory over the current government which is presided over by Macri.
The post-electoral atmosphere transcurred amid allegations of “foul-play” as no results were presented for almost three hours after the expected time.
Monday, Macri told the press the adverse result for the ruling party was
To win the presidency outright in October, a candidate needs at least 45 percent of the vote or 40 percent and a difference of 10 percentage points over the second-place runner. If there's no clear winner, voters will return for a run-off on Nov. 24.

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