विशेषज्ञों का कहना है कि दक्षिण-पूर्व एशिया में कोयला निर्यात का विस्तार करने की ऑस्ट्रेलिया की उम्मीद 'विशेषज्ञों' का कहना है

Region’s expected increase in coal-fired power plants could turn out to be ‘more fizz than boom’ as construction rates fall markedly The number of new coal-fired power plants starting construction across south-east Asia has fallen markedly…

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Nepal said on Monday that China will give its Army about $21 million in unspecified “disaster relief materials” over the next three years, as Beijing strengthens its ties with Kathmandu. President Xi Jinping visited the Himalayan nation, which has traditionally leaned on neighbouring…
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