À la une de la Chine: les Golden Rooster Awards passent (retour) au calendrier annuel


Golden Rooster Awards Switch (Back) to Annual Schedule

No longer a biannual event, China’s Golden Rooster Awards is switching to an annual schedule. The news was announced on the opening ceremony of the 28th Golden Rooster and Hundred Flower Film Festival, which was held on November 19 (Beijing time) in Xiamen city, the festival’s first permanent home located in China’s southeastern region. Founded in 1981, the Golden Rooster Awards were originally given annually. Between 2005 and 2018, however, the awards and Hundred Flowers Awards took place on alternate years. Known as “expert awards,” the Golden Rooster Awards is one of China’s three main film awards together with Hundred Flower Awards (audience awards) and Huabiao Award (government awards). Read more on chuanmeineican

‘Ad Astra’ Lands China Release Date

Starring Brad Pitt, the 2019 American Sci-fi adventure blockbuster Ad Astra has been slated for a theatrical release in China on December 6. The film was selected into the main competition of this year’s Venice International Film Festival and received positive reviews from film critics. However, it only grossed US$127 million at the global box office. In China, the major competitors of Ad Astra Peut inclure Knive Out and three domestic films: Deux tigres, The Wild Goose Lake, The Whistleblower. Jumanji: le prochain niveau and Huang Bo-starring Gone With The Light, coming out on December 13, will also join in the competition a week later. Read more on Mtime

‘Saturday Fiction’ Withdrawn from Golden Rooster & Hundred Flowers Film Festival

It was announced on November 18 that Chinese filmmaker Lou Ye’s Saturday Fiction has been pulled from the 28th Golden Rooster & Hundred Flowers Film Festival. Previously set to open the festival’s “New Domestic Movies” section, Saturday Fiction was withdrawn by its producer due to “internal issues,” according to sources familiar with the fest. The music documentary Shakuhachi: One Sound, One Life has now been changed as the new opening film. There is also a rumor that the film might cancel its theatrical release in China on December 7. Starring Gong Li, Mark Chao, Joe Odagiri, and Zhang Songwen, Saturday Fiction is a spy film setting in pre-Pearl Harbor Shanghai and follows a famous actress (Gong Li) who hides her real mission by appearing in a stage play. The festival runs from November 19 to 23. Read more on Mtime

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