Colombia: Electoral Crimes Denounced During Local Polls


Complaints are accumulating in Colombia for alleged electoral crimes, according to the first report of the Prosecutor's Office, there are 865 complaints and 400 million pesos (US$118,000) seized which supposedly to be used for purchasing votes during Sunday's regional elections.


Colombians Vote in Regional Elections Marred with Violence

The Secretary of Government of Antioquia confirmed that in some electoral stations in cities like Medellin and Turbo, ballots were delivered with votes already marked on them. These denounces forced the suspension of the vote, while the authorities verified the electoral material at the tables involved.

Also in Antioquia, Colombian authorities reported a vehicle incinerated in Maceo, while in Cañasgordas, camouflaged war material was seized in a food vehicle.

At the same time, the polling station at Barranquilla’s Colon College did not open its doors at 09:00 (local time) because ballots for mayor were not available. Prior to this incident, voters gathered without being able to exercise their right to cast their vote.

Left-wing Senator Gustavo Petro from Colombia Humana denounced the software of the Registry for erasing 900 electoral witnesses from his party.

A total of 36.8 million people are eligible to vote in Sunday's elections. Colombians will elect a total of 1,101 mayors, 32 governors, 1,101 municipal councils, 32 departmental assemblies, and 1,040 local administrative boards.

According to the country's electoral authorities, 11,590 voting centers were installed across in 26 departments and 190 municipalities in the country. 

Those who are elected by popular vote will take their positions and exercise their mandate during the period 2020-2023.