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What to tell your family about bitcoin this Thanksgiving

Why did bitcoin's price drop this month? Can you pass the turkey? Quartz answers all the questions your family will ask about cryptocurrency during Thanksgiving weekend.

Workers at Tesla’s solar factory in New York describe a racist workplace

Elon Musk reportedly was aware of the issues.

Privacy concerns aside, consumers are already opting in to facial recognition

Is facial recognition worth the price for convenience?

Amazon is practically giving away the Echo Dot

The latest Echo Dot costs just $22 on Cyber Monday, 50% less than its list price. It's also available at for free if you buy certain Amazon TVs.

Anti-surveillance t-shirts don’t fool security cameras

Clothing designed to fool security systems aren't ready for primetime.

An essential guide to Google Chrome’s most useful shortcuts

What really unleashes Google Chrome’s power is its keyboard shortcuts.

Google guesses what your political leanings are—but it’s a secret

Google, like many other advertising platforms, has a guess about what your political leanings are. But unlike Facebook, Google keeps its guess a secret.

Valve unveiled the first new Half-Life game in 13 years

It only took the better part of 15 years, but the highly anticipated game is coming to PC virtual reality systems.
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