Stills from Pleasure of Life

Joy of Life is a 2019 Chinese television series based on the novel Qing Yunian by Mao Ni. It stars Zhang Ruoyun, Li Qin and Chen Daoming.Source: Wikipedia/Weibo

Historical series highlights the glamour of Song Dynasty

(China Daily) As the last imperial dynasty in China, the Qing -- spanning from 1644 to 1911 -- is perhaps set as the story backdrop more than any other eras in historical TV series, exemplified by runaway hits Empresses in the Palace and Story of Yanxi...

China’s ‘Game of Thrones’ tells history in live action

In the seven-episode epic documentaryWar of Seven Kingdoms, popular actor Hai Yitian plays Shen Buhai, a reformer who made the Han State a major power of the Warring States Period (475-221 BC).In epic documentaryWar of Seven Kingdoms, popular actor Lin...

New posters from Wuxia drama Sword Dynasty

Posters from Wuxia drama Sword Dynasty  Source: Weibo

New posters from Wuxia drama Sword Dynasty

Posters from Wuxia drama Sword Dynasty  Source: Weibo

Celebrities show their silly side on ‘Roast’

(China Daily) Roast, a popular online variety show on streaming media platform Tencent Video, has contributed many topics to the daily conversation among Chinese youth over the past few years. Now it's back to continue that conversation.The fou...

Remaining stars urged to quit TV show after Gao’s death

Fans immediately began petitioning for their favorite stars to quit Zhejiang TV's "Chase Me" show immediately after Chinese-Canadian actor Godfrey Gao died shockingly of cardiac arrest during filming on early Wednesday morning.Remaining stars still par...

Richly researched historical drama finds audience overseas

(China Daily) When cast members gathered on the set of Royal Nirvana, a series taking place in ancient China, most received a special "gift" — a pile of scripts dotted with rarely-used Chinese characters.At a promotional event held in the Communicati...

Actor’s hero role is a license to thrill

(China Daily) Understanding context gives star of Awakening of Insects a deeper insight, Xing Wen reports.It set the template for success and spawned many attempts to match its appeal, but few came close. Lurk, the smash hit 2009 TV series, highlight...

Overseas markets snap up Chinese TV series ‘Royal Nirvana’

"Royal Nirvana" will be broadcast in 240 countries and regions on various outlets, achieving record-breaking results by securing more overseas coverage than any other Chinese TV series, according to its series producer.Youku, a major video site owned b...
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Trump Boasts General Soleimani Killing as ‘American Justice’

The U.S. President also mocked Democratic lawmakers who questioned his decision to carry out a military attack without consulting Congress.