Indigenous Colombians and Artists Lead Massive Park Way Protest


This Sunday Bogotá experienced a day of marches and protests in which artistic expressions predominated when artists along with the indigenous population chose ‘Park Way’ as the main venue for peaceful demonstrations.


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The mobilization during the afternoon involved thousands of people accompanying the indigenous guard of Cauca, while a hundred artists met with their musical instruments in Park Way, Bogota.

The mobilizations took place with the objective of not criminalizing cultural participation in the protests.

‘Park Way’ was filled with red and green indigenous flags of the Regional Indigenous Council of Cauca, while artists and musicians from the district university offered concerts.

It is very pleasant to know that in many neighborhoods of Bogota and other parts of Colombia, the community has come together in assemblies and other modes of organization. Without a doubt an achievement of the #ParoNacional

In that sense, Monica Rocha, a professor at the arts faculty of the District University, composed the song ‘we are artists, not terrorists’, written after a peaceful protest in which the Esmad of the Police attacked them with gases.

The director of the group of musicians gathered in Park Way, Jose David Rodriguez explained that the song composed by Rocha was inspired after the attack of the Esmad in the District University of Bogota.

“She wrote that song as a consequence of an event that occurred a few days ago with Esmad, when officers of that police branch shot gases at a peaceful protest, precisely in front of the District University.

“Our objective, as artists of Colombian and Andean music, is to show our support to the people who are struggling with the situations that are happening in the country. So we created a group and we began to talk about doing this activity,” he added.